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2007 Murder List

Unclassified Murders

Source: Trinidad Express

Dec 21

Unidentified body of an African man found in St Barb's, Laventille.

Body had several gunshot wounds

Dec 17

Unidentified body of a homeless man found near Victoria Square.

He was beaten to death

Nov 26

Latricia Jack, 18 months, of Gonzales, Belmont

Admitted to the PoSGH on Nov 24 by a relative who said she fell down some stairs. However, police were called in by doctors when they were told of burn and marks of violence about the body. Police say they are still investigating matter

Nov 3

Unidentified body of man of African descent, with a Rasta hairstyle, found in El Socorro with bullet wounds

Oct 30

Unidentified body of man of African descent found at Marcella Street, Laventille, with several gunshot wounds

Oct 22

Hollis Thomas, 70, a pensioner of Duff Trace, St Croix Road, Princes Town

Collapsed outside a supermarket after complaining of feeling sick on Oct 21. An autopsy performed revealed Thomas died of severe injuries to the neck, chest and abdomen including a broken rib cage and lacerations to his liver.

Oct 13

Unidentified body of a man found in Aripo.

A single gunshot wound found to the head and the body was found in 15 pieces

Sept 7

A mutilated corpse of a man found floating in a lagoon in Penal. Both hands were chopped off and head was almost severed

The corpse was badly bloated and was clad in a yellow T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans

May 22

Winston Skeete, six, of King's Wharf, San Fernando

Went missing from his home and his body as found behind an old jetty at his home. Autopsy was undetermined.

May 18

Unidentified body of a man found dead in a car in Morvant with several gunshot wounds about the body.

Car was parked along Malick Link Road, Morvant.

May 1

Unidentified body of an African man found in a shallow pond off Freeman Road, St Augustine. There was a gunshot wound to the chest.

April 15

John "Wad" Vidale's body found on Spaniol Road, Diego Martin. His body bore several marks of violence

An autopsy performed showed his death is undetermined.

March 23

Unidentified body of a man found lying in some bushes behind an oil well in Forest Reserve, Fyzabad

March 2

Angelo Mendoza, 40, a US deportee of Lily Trace, Siparia

Body found with marks of violence on Central Road, Los Bajos, Santa Flora

Autopsy results were inconclusive.

Jan 29

Body of man of East Indian descent found behind City Gate, Port of Spain.

Had chop wounds about the body. Since body not identified an autopsy was not performed.

Murder #169 - #395

Source: Trinidad Express

Dec 31

395. Steve Williams, 47, a proprietor of Mt D'or, Champs Fleurs,

Was at home when he was shot dead by gunmen

394. Neil Armstrong, of Malabar, Arima

Shot dead by gunmen in Arima

393. Sherwin Acres, 28, of Coconut Drive, Morvant

Shot dead at his home

392. Mark Millington, alias "Ronald Affoon", of Diego Martin

Shot dead while walking along Mercer Street, Diego Martin

391. Lester Diaz, 50, of Maracas

Found with chop wounds about the body at Maracas Beach

Dec 30

390. David Alexander,40, of La Resource Road, Laventille

Was walking along La Resource Road, Laventille when he was shot dead

389. Samdeo Motilal, 79, of Claxton Bay

Found strangled to death at her home.

388. Kevon Andrews, 20, of Laventille Road, Laventille

Shot dead while walking his girlfriend to her home

Dec 29

387. Brian Ramnath, 37, self employed, of Production Avenue, Sea Lots

Shot dead while going into his home

386. Derrick Gilbert, 40, a businessman of Chandy Lane, El Socorro

Shot dead while sitting outside his home

385. Christopher Singh, 18, of Agostini Street, St Joseph

Shot dead while liming a few metres from his home

Dec 28

384. Salim "Small Salim" Rasheed, 38, of Queen Street, Aranjuez

Shot dead at Seven Avenue, Barataria

Dec 27

383. Cheryl Gabriel, 36, of Bangladesh, St Joseph

Found with gunshot wounds at her home

Dec 26

382. Akiel Bishop, 20, of Monte Grande, Tunapuna

Shot dead while in the vicinity of Hillview College

381. Rodney Williams, 24, a construction worker of Bagatelle, San Juan

Shot dead while liming outside his home

380. Gebra Benjamin, 21, of Block 22, Laventille

Shot dead while on his way home

379. Kevin Jones, 31, a delivery man of Maloney

Shot dead outside a bar in Maraval

Dec 24

378. John Johnson, 41, of Arima

His body found with gunshot wounds at his home

377. Joseph Phillip, 35, of Augustine Lane, Gonzales

Shot dead after dropping of cases of beer at a parlor in St Barb's

Dec 22

376. Winston Applewhite, 61, a landscaper of Craig Hall, Moriah, Tobago

Found beaten in his bedroom by his daughter

375. Dwayne Mac Caine, 23, of D'abadie

Shot dead while seated in a maxi taxi

Dec 21

374. Curtis Guiton, 35, a mason of Marshall Trace, Cunupia

Shot dead following an argument in a bar in Cunupia

Dec 19

373. Robert "Mafia" Williams, 42, of Chaconia Drive, Morvant

Shot while liming a short distance from his home

372. Fenrick "Stampy" Roberts, 47, of Clover Trace, Maraval

Was walking along Morne Coco Road, Maraval when he was shot dead

Dec 18

371. Wellington Victory, 26, of Maloney

Shot dead while awaiting a taxi on Broadway, Arima

Dec 17

370. Adrian "Eye Yo" Richards, 21, of Trou Macaque, Laventille

Shot dead while liming outside his home

Dec 16

369. Dexter Ali, 35, of Railway Road, Couva

Shot dead while liming in Point Lisas Gardens

Dec 14

368. Cherry-Ann Hessic, 28, of Diego Martin

Her naked body was found off Fondes Amandes Road in St Ann's. She had been drowned and her body dumped.

Dec 13

367. Allister Allen John, 19, a security officer of Cashew Gardens, Edinburgh

Shot dead and his body Lalaja Road, off the Blanchisseuse Road in Arima

366. Anthony Jack, 47,of Maraj Lane, San Juan

Shot dead while walking along Quarry Street

365. Pearl Samdaye Ramnarine, 51, of La Paille Village, Princes Town

Strangled to death by her husband, who then killed himself

364. Carleah Leehyan, 20, of Haig Street, Carenage

Shot dead at a friends home after having a discussion

Dec 12

363. Jesus Thomas Bompartt, 31, a farmer, of Todd's Road, Central Trinidad

Shot dead by bandits who were attempting to enter his home

362. Tamee Ramgopaul, 17, a cashier of Bamboo Settlement #1, Valsayn.

Succumbed to injuries sustained from a Molotov cocktail on Oct 11

Dec 10

361. Vio Jaisarie, 62,of New Grant, Princes Town

Was shot once in the chest by a relative following an argument.

360. Dilbert Damian Francois, 25, of Warrenville, Guaico, Sangre Grande

Shot dead a shot distance from his home

Dec 9

359. Whittle Scott Junior, 22, of St Barb's, Laventille

Was sitting n a railing in Chinapoo Village when two men walked up to him and started shooting

358. Kevin Pierre, 26, a construction worker, of Rudolph Charles Link Road, Laventille

Was shot dead in East Dry River, Laventille

356 & 357. Heston Brandon St Rose, 22, a handyman, and Sherwin St Rose, 33,of Fourth Street, Simeon Road, Petit Valley.

Were liming in front a house when three gunmen started shooting at them

Dec 7

355. Allister John, 20, of Upper Celestine Trace, Maraval

Was walking along Morne Coco Road when he was shot by a lone gunman

354. Edward "Eddie" Thomas, 53, of Jokhan Trace, Simon Road, Evergreen,Carapo

Was shot and then chopped about the body by two men.

Dec 6

353. Felix Ross, 23, a security guard of Bon Air Gardens, Arouca

Was standing at the corner of Trotman Street when a man stabbed him

Dec 5

352. Grenville Regis, 54, a retired TSTT technician, of Paria Gardens, Aierpo

Shot dead in his bathroom

Dec 4

351. Kelly Denoon, alias "Machine Gun Kelly".

Gunned down on Foster Road, East Dry River, Laventille

Dec 3

350. Joel Clarke alias "Clarkie", 40, of Petit Valley

Stabbed to death on Mercer Street, Diego Martin during an argument

Dec 2

349. Benton Belfon, 34, of Bldg 9, Maloney Gardens, D'abadie

Shot dead on St Paul Street, East Dry River

348. Wilfred Mohammed,56.

Succumbed to injuries after being shot on Dec 01 at Long Circular, St James

Dec 1

347. Anthony "Bouge" Boodoo,32, a taxi-driver of Dibe Road

Shot dead while on Francis Street, Long Circular, St James

346. Sheldon Hodge alias "Half-Man" of Warrenville Street, Sangre Grande

Was liming at SMR Sangre Grande when he was shot dead

Nov 30

345. Kazambaq Olufini, 27, of Pelican Extension, Morvant

Was liming when he was shot

Nov 29

344. Nigel "Mice" Shaw, 32, of Crystal Drive, Morvant

Shot dead while driving a few metres from his home.

343. Rebekah Sugrim, 16, a student, of Tabaquite

Found chopped about the body after missing since Nov 24

Nov 28

342. Sharaz Ali, 36, of Woodland Road, Princes Town

Was at his fruit stall on Nov 25 when two men approached and announced a robbery. He was chopped several times, taken to hospital and later succumbed to injuries

341. Jamal Peters, 20, of Morvant

Was walking near Malick Secondary School when he was shot

Nov 27

340. Keston De Lancey, of Belmont

Was walking along St Francois Valley Road, Belmont when he was shot several times

Nov 26

338 and 339. Kerry "Tyres" Blackman, 26, of Hamlet Street, St Barb's and Osband "Bumpers" Sylvester, 28,of Hamlet Trace, Laventille

Shot dead while asleep at their home

Nov 25

337. Sean Pererria, 24, of Laventille Road, Extension, Never Dirty, Morvant

Shot while intervening in an argument involving his wife

Nov 24

336. Cleon Stoute,27, a handyman, of East Dry River, PoS

Was near the corner of George and Prince Streets when he was shot by an armed man.

335. Christopher Toppin, 23, of Phase Two Powder Magazine, Cocorite

Was liming on Western Main Road, St James, when he got into an argument and was shot

Nov 23

334. Lorenzo Harridath, 10, a student of Foster Road, Sangre Grande

Forced to drink a weedicide by his father in a murder /suicide

Nov 22

333. Unidentified man found with gunshot wound under a bridge in La Canoe, Santa Cruz

332. James Timothy Benjamin, 20, of Golconda

Was walking in the Golconda area when a group of men stabbed him

331. Jonathan Williams, 20, of Mooneeram Street, St James

Shot in the chest by gunman near the Queen's Park Savannah

Nov 20

330. Jason Collymore, 28, a taxi driver, of Princes Town

Shot once in the head during a car jacking

329. Steven Forde, 39,of Benarace Street, St James

Men stormed his home and shot him

328. Terrance Cedeno, alias "Satan", 31, of Buliding One, Maloney

Found with gunshot wounds in Maloney while liming

Nov 19

327. Maurice Lewis, 60, a businessman of Mt Lambert

Found with a bullet wound to his head while at home

326. Simone De Aguelleria, 19, of Arima Old Road, Arouca

Found at Caura, was chopped about the body and an arm missing

325. Doyle Siewnarine, 69, a businessman of Central

Found strangled at his home during a robbery

Nov 18

324. Kerry Alexander, alias "Tyson" 17, of Olton Road, Arima

Found dead in Cleaver Road, Arima

322 and 323. Nevin Liam Moore, 36, of Alfredo Street, Woodbrook, and Hilary Wanser, 63, a caretaker, of Junction Road, Sangre Grande.

Found bound and gagged in the trunk of a car in Mayaro

Nov 17

321. Winston Johnson, 25, St Francois Road, Morvant

Found with gunshot wounds to the chest and back at Calvary Hill, Lover's Lane

Nov 15

320. Kenny Singh, 25, of Trou Macaque, Laventille

Shot dead at Village Council Road, Laventille

319. Sylona Constantine, 20, of Cacoa Trace, La Bellevue, Paramin,

Hacked to death outside her home

318. Raymond Sandy, 41, of Harding Place, Cocorite

Shot dead by gunmen a few feet from his home

Nov 14

317. Assing Camacho, 25, a G Unit gang member of Duncan Street , PoS,

Shot dead while at Lady Young Avenue, Morvant

Nov 13

316. Boodram Ramjattan, of Central

Found with chop wounds about the body

315. Rooplal Samlal, 21, LP 93, Caura Royal Road, Caura

Shot in his head while in bed.

314. Dunstan Gordon, 35, a drug dealer, of Hard Bargain, Williamsville

Was parked near Paria Suites when a car pulled alongside him and several shots fired

313. Roderick "Bago" Lyons, 50, a welder/fruit vendor from Tobago

Shot while working on a building at Piccadilly Street, PoS

312. Omar Donawa, 34, a URP foreman, of Boxhill Trace, Laventille

Was shot dead while waiting for a car on Henry Street

Nov 12

311. La Toya King, 24, of Crichlow Hill, Chinapoo Village, Morvant

Stabbed to death at her home following an altercation with a male relative

Nov 11

310. Duane De Peiza, 23, of Rich Plain Road, Diego Martin

Chopped, scalped and gorged to death during a cutlass attack

Nov 10

309. Anderson Stoute, 19, a WASA employee, of Maingot Trace, Petit Café, Princes Town

Shot dead during an altercation at Petit Café Junction

308. Stevenson Jagroop, 22, a handyman, of Old Trainline, Bayshore, Marabella

Found with gunshot wounds on the floor of his bedroom

Nov 9

307. Sheldon Des Vignes, 29, a CEPEP employee of St Barb's, Laventille

Shot dead at his Upper St Barb's home by a police officer

306. Ujester Krishendath Narine, 44, of Las Lomas #1

Shot dead by bandits who stormed his home.

Nov 7

305. Christopher "Bob" Narcis, 37, a businessman of Mandingo Road, Princess Town

Was shot on August 10 in the neck and face while standing outside a store in San Fernando. He later succumbed to injuries.

Nov 6

304. Arthur Gillman, 22, of Rose Hill Village, East Dry River

Was shot while buying ice cream on Nov 04 at Duke Street, when a gunman shot him in the neck and head. He was taken to hospital but succumbed to injuries

Nov 4

303. Jevon Mayers, 23, of Rose Drive, Evergreen, Arima

Shot dead while bathing in his yard

302. Stephen Hunte, 51, of Caparo, Freeport

Found with a bullet to his head at his home

301. Shawn Wickham, alias "Corbeaux", of Providence Estate, Upper Bournes Road

Shot in the head while gambling a short distance from his home

Nov 3

300. Pheron "Fox" Philbert, 30, of Quarry Circular, Gonzales Village, Belmont

Gunned down in Laventille near Desperadoes Panyard

299. Eustace Chase, 40, alias, "Yellows", of Bournes Road, St James

Shot while liming.

298. Kerwin Cooper, 27, a footballer, of Fitz Allen Street, Pt Cumana, Carenage

Shot a short distance from his home while liming

Nov 2

297. Everod Fornellier,25, a gardener of Cameron Hill, Maraval

Shot a short distance from his home

Nov 1

296. Gerald Hercules, of Iere Village, Princess Town

Chopped several times on the head and face and his body found in Aripero

Oct 31

295. Leonora Burnett, 85, a pensioner of Jogie Road, San Juan

Found stabbed to death at her home by a male relative

294. Akiedo St Clair,21, of Trust Lane, Maloney

Stabbed to death while waiting a maxi in Arima

292. and 293. Arthur Seetal, 25, a CD vendor of Arima and David Murphy,22, a CD vendor of Arima.

Shot while walking along Devenish Street, Arima

Oct 30

291. Hugh Mitchell, 32, a security guard of Cipriani Avenue, Second Caledonia, Morvant

Shot dead while asleep at his home

290. Aldwyn Bobb, alias "DJ", 36, a construction worker of George Street, PoS

Shot dead a few feet from his home

289. Maurice Leotaud, 19, a security officer of Printeryville, Arima

His bullet-riddled body was found in a forested area at Dibe in Long Circular

288. Stephen Alexander, 22, a member of the G Unit gang, of Lodge Place, East Dry River

Shot dead while walking along Rose Hill, East Dry River

Oct 29

287. Issac Taylor,23, of Sou Sou Lands, Febeau Village, San Juan

Found stabbed to death behind a school in Bourg Mulatresse

286. Keysaw Seepersad,28, of Southern Main Road, Homeland Gardens, Cunupia

Stabbed to death at Dass Trace

Oct 28

285. Nigel Durity, 36, of # 4 Piccadilly Street, PoS

Shot on Oct 14 while walking along Pioneer Drive, Sea Lots. Later succumbed to injuries

Oct 27

284. Shamie Dookie,43, a security guard of Blitz Village, Pleasantville

Shot in the head during a robbery at a supermarket in Princes Town

Oct 26

283. Shawn Douglas,of Eastern Main Road, San Juan

Shot dead outside the UNC Alliance, Sylbert Street, Laventille, office of Lennox Smith

Oct 24

282. Michael Harrison, 23,a labourer, of Nelson Street

Gunned down while liming on Duncan Street, Port of Spain

Oct 22

281. Vernon St Louis, 24, alias "Glitters", of Charles Street, Gasparillo

His body was found in Marabella with several gunshot wounds

280. Marvin Danzell, 25, of Jean Avenue, EMR, Arima

Shot once in the head.

Oct 21

279. Clarance Rampersadsingh, 49, a taxi driver of Bhownath Trace, Penal

Shot while plying his taxi in San Fernando

Oct 19

278. Kamal Ramnath, 60, of Fifth Street, Beetham Gardens

Shot dead by a lone gunman while playing cards near his home

Oct 18

277. Nicholas Palmer,17, a part time welder and electrician of Enterprise Village,Chaguanas

Shot multiple times in the chest and head while handing out flyers for COP campaign.

276. Kelvin "Kello" Holder,41, Upper Niles Street, Carenage

Shot dead in Carenage

Oct 17

275. Terrance Harvey,31, a driver, of La Pille Village, Caroni

His burnt remains were found in a van in Caura

274. Ricky Mohammed, 53, a businessman of Cunupia

Found dead with a gunshot wound to the head at his SMR, Curepe, businessplace.

273. Anela Persad, 24, a Guyanese national of Frederick Street, Chaguanas

Found strangled at her home.

272. Ravi Rooplal, 34, of Dyette Extension Trace, Cunupia

Shot six times and his body found in a dumpster in Cunupia

Oct 16

271. Kurt Gibbs, 27, unemployed, of Sean Dean Hill, Lower Santa Cruz

Shot dead at his home by four men

Oct 15

269 and 270. Verne Pierre, 36, of Mt D'or Road, Champs Fleurs, and Keith Joseph, 43, of Five Rivers, Arouca.

Shot while liming inside bar in Arouca.

Oct 12

268. Emmanuel Daniel, 44, employed with the Ministry of Agriculture, of Lean Street, Laventille, EDR

He was strangled to death and his body found at the Morvant Public Cemetery.

The hands and feet of the man were tied.

Oct 11

267. Kern Shane Steele, 16, of Peter's Lane, D'abadie

Found at Boy's Lane, D'abadie, with gunshot wounds

Oct 10

266. Soonardaye Sankersingh, 78, a pensioner of Ganga Trace, Las Lomas #1

Was raped and beaten by two men on Oct 7, however she never regained consciousness and subsequently died at hospital.

265. Dwayne Venus, 26, alias "Foreign", a deportee, of Bon Air Gardens

Shot in the head while liming.

Oct 9

264. Dexter Bernard, 39, a security guard of Siparia

Shot while guarding a Carib delivery truck at Chin Chin Road, Cunupia

263. Premnath Rambarath, 35, of Seventh Avenue, Malick, Barataria

Shot dead at his home.

Oct 7

262. Gary Sutton, 26, of 17th Street, Beetham

Shot a few metres from his home

261. Peter Lovelace, 21, a labourer of Union Village, Rio Claro

Stabbed once in the back while on his way home.

Oct 6

260. Randy Sewah, 27, a vendor of Princes Town

Shot while fighting of bandits in his fruit stall

Oct 5

259. Dean Taylor, 35, of LP #61 Stevenville Road, Mapp Lands, Laventille

His body was found 17 miles Los Galos, North Point, near Cedros, with gunshot wound to the back

258. Paul Thomas, 30, a labourer of Lothians Road, Princes Town

Shot dead while liming with friends near a church in Princes Town

257. Kwame Julien, 26, alias "Smooth Man" and "Butters", of Oxford Street, PoS

Shot dead a few metres from his home

Oct 3

256. Lynette Branker, 57, a delivery driver of Pasea Road, Tunapuna

Shot while making a pizza delivery on Hutton Street, St Augustine

Oct 2

255. Kendell Seepaul, 26, of Picadilly Street, Port of Spain

Shot dead at Rose Hill, East Dry River

Sept 30

254. Tickchand Soondar, 54, a police officer, of Bronti Village, Borde Narve, Barrackpore

Chopped to death at his home

Sept 29

253. Andrew Sitnon, 32, a mechanic of Gannes Lane, Laventille

Shot dead while standing outside his shop.

Sept 28

252. Anthony Louis, 30, of Aboud Circular St James

Residents heard gunshots and when looked outside and saw Louis

251. Andy Thompson, 32, of Southern Main Road, Cunupia

Was at home and masked men came and fired several shots

Sept 27

250. Vaugh Cambridge, 34, of Manuel Congo Road, Wallerfield

Found chopped to death in Wallerfield

Sept 24

247-249. Nester Jimmy Atwell, 46, of Francis Trace, Tunapuna, Kelvin Jackman, 24, of Valencia and Peter Carew, 46, of Cemetery Street, Tunapuna.

Shot dead at the corner of EMR and Riverside Road, Curepe.

Sept 23

246. Kenton Johnson, alias "Batman", 33, of George Street, PoS

Found at his apartment with a gunshot wound to the head

Sept 23

245. Sidiq Albert, 35, of Rio Grand Trace, Matura

Shot while coming out a car in front his home

244. Ishmael Sobers,17, of Woodbine Terrace, Upper Bournes Road, St James

Shot dead while liming with friends

Sept 22

243. Kerron George, 23, of Ottley Street, Scarborough

Was liming with friends a short distance from his home when an argument started and he was stabbed.

242. Nigel Rigault, alias "Spider", 27, of Pitch Road, Morvant

Shot outside the State Prison on Frederick Street, PoS. Died at hospital

241. Decklon Lovell, 21, a construction worker, of Agostini Street

Shot dead on Agostini Street, St Augustine

Sept 19

240. Allan Wills, 20, alias "Mentor", a construction worker of Siparia Hill, East Dry River,

Shot three times while liming on Prescott Alley and Quarry Street, East Dry River

Sept 16

239. Francis Lee Sing, 17, of Woodbrook

Was walking along Hamilton Street, Woodbrook when he was shot twice by two men

238. Kerwin "Fresh" Phillip, 34, of Charford Court, PoS

Shot dead while leaving a party on Henry Street, PoS

Sept 13

236 and 237. Kevin Mondesir, 35, an electrical contractor of Cunupia and Christine Samuel, 35, safety officer, of Kelly Village

Shot at the corner of Warren Street and EMR, St Augustine

Sept 12

235. Kerry Bowen, 17, of Laventille

Shot while driving along Shouter Hill, East Dry River, and was confronted by three men who shot him

234. Leon Best, 43, a truck driver, of Cipriani Avenue, Second Caledonia, Morvant.

Shot dead at his home

Sept 11

233. Peter Small, a URP employee and former murder accused, of Cocorite Terrace, Cocorite

Shot several times by gunmen when he went to visit his son in Cocorite

232. Sylvester Maitland, 26, a security guard of Sheriff Street, Tunapuna

Was on duty at Caribbean Bottlers compound off the Churchill-Roosevelt Highway, Macoya, when he was ambushed by two gunmen.

Sept 8

231. Kazim Peters, 35, of Block 445 Lady Young Road

Was liming at Laventille Extension Road, Morvant, when a lone gunman approached and shot him

229 and 230. Akiel "Slows" Daly, 25, a mason of Salazar Street in Point Fortin and Sheldon Noel, 26, of Belmont

Was playing poker with friends at Apples Club on Curepe Junction when two men ran into the club and started shooting at them.

Sept 7

228. Sherwin "Dhal" Seetal, 26, of Branch Road ,Calvary Hill in Arima.

Was standing outside Triple "S" Restaurant and Bar on Easton Drive, Arima, when five men came out of a car and started shooting at him.

Sept 6

227. Anthony Pittilal, a fisherman of Cocorite

Shot dead while walking along Waterhole, Cocorite

Sept 5

225 and 226. Kwesi Salandy and Donald Manwarring of Beetham, Laventille

Both men killed each other during an exchange of gunfire while walking along St John's Road, St Augustine

Sept 2

224. Neketo Joseph, 25, a theatre worker at St Clair Medical, of Penguin Crescent, Maloney

Shot dead during a robbery in D'abadie.

223. Barrymoore Briggs, of no fixed place of abode

Found bleeding from bullet wounds in Building 3, Dorata Street, Laventille

222. Simeon deNobriga, 34, a businessman of Haleland Park, Maraval

Found in a room of his home by his father bleeding heavily.

Sept 1

221. Orbin Arthur, 38, alias "Bobo" of McCarno Quarry, Laventille

Residents heard gunshots and saw his body

220. Renwick Nicholas, 33, of McAllister Street, Laventille

Was walking along EMR Curepe, in the vicinity of KFC with his girlfriend when a man approached them and started shooting.

219. Ronald Samlal, 42, a businessman of Eastern Main Road, San Juan

Left his home on August 30 to go to the Inter Commercial Bank in Chaguanas. Relatives later received a call from someone demanding $500,000 for his safe release. His body was found the day after with a gunshot wound over the Maracas precipice.

August 31

218. Daniel Moore, 18, of King's Wharf , San Fernando

Was warded at the San Fernando General Hospital since August 24, after being rushed after being beaten with a shovel

217. Sabita Bharat, 36, of Princes Town

Shot once in the mouth by her teenage lover

August 29

216. Kendell Francis, 21, of Leezam Avenue, El Socorro

Shot in head while sitting in a car at Seales Avenue

215. Richard Simeon, 22, of Seales Avenue, Laventille

Shot at Morvant Old Road

August 28

214. Curt Saunders, 33, an offshore supervisor, of New Grant, Princes Town

Shot once in the head by bandits at his home

August 27

213. Brandon "Akee" Sturge, 22, a URP foreman, of Lemon Drive, Champs Fleurs

Shot five times while walking in the vicinity of Rafferty and Austin Streets, Champs Fleurs

August 25

212. Jedd Nelson, 25, of Railway Road, Longdenville

Shot in chest at Longdenville Road

211. Doodnath Seeram, 47, a labourer of Barrackpore

Stabbed by a relative while liming in the street at Cumuto, South Trace, Barrackpore

August 24

210. Milton Williams, 27, of Embarcardere, San Fernando

Stabbed in chest during an argument at a bar on Pointe-a-Pierre Road, San Fernando

August 23

209. Akeem "50cents" Joseph, 20, of Apt 34 N, Nelson Street, PoS

Shot dead while liming on his apartment staircase

208. Hanslal Seebarath, 27, of John Dhulan Street, Aranjuez

Beaten four days before at his father's Barataria businessplace

August 19

207. Peter Sambrano, 42, a plant operator at WASA, of Siparia

Found at his home with stab wounds to his chest and throat

206. Tyson "Punchman" McLeod, 29, of Buller Trace, Laventille

Was at a party in Dan Kelly, Laventille, when a lone gunman walked up to him and opened fire.

August 18

205. Vishnu Roop, 30, a fisherman of Brick Trace,Otaheite, South Oropouche

Shot dead while in a shop at Morouga during a robbery

August 17

204. Richard "Six" Mark, 41, of Springvale, Claxton Bay

Found chopped at the Forres Park Landfill following an altercation

August 16

203. Lawrence Greene, 20, of Samaroo Village

Shot at Henry Road, Tunapuna

202. Lilly Layne, 67, of Temple Street, Arima

Shot dead while heading west along Nutones Boulevard, Malabar

201. Brent Patrick, 24, a CEPEP worker of Trinidad Road, Wallerfield

Shot dead as he entered the driveway of his home

August 13

200. Jason Chase, 28, of George Street, PoS

Shot dead outside his home

199. Marcus Andrews,

Shot in drive by on Malabar Road, Arima.

August 11

198. Allan Bance, 26, of Mahogany Drive, Olshon Road, Arima

Found chopped and burnt in dumpster at Mt D'or

197. Junior Alexander, of Plantation Road, Valencia

Shot in Pinto Road, Arima

196. Edmund Jeeta, 45, of Hamrmoney Hall, Gasparillo

Beaten to death at a Recreation Club in Gasparillo

August 9

195. Terrence Baptiste, 28, of Carenage

Was shot while visiting his girlfriend at Harding Place, Cocorite

August 6

194. Keon Maynard, 20 Mango Alley, Trou Macaque

Shot dead at Block 22, Laventille

193. Akiel Ryan of Eastern Quarry Road, Trou Macaque

Shot at his home

192. Lorreine Pierre, 19, of Saddle Road, San Juan

Shot after boarding a PH taxi at Mt D'or Road, Champs Fleurs

August 5

191. Alan Narine,26,

Shot while liming at Agostini Street, St Joseph

190. Keston Stranthan, 23, of St Helena

Shot outside his fathers home on Upper Wharton Street

189. Ricardo Carmona, 36, of Meade Street, Tunapuna

Shot on his street

August 4

188. Leetroy Beepath, 47, a Remand prisoner of Sangre Grande

On August 6, an autopsy revealed he died from suffocation after being hit in the chest

187. Ragitoi Sulivan, of Third Street, Beetham Gardens

Shot at Buller Street, Laventille.

186. Ryan Mitchell, 25, of Spring Valley Road, Upper Mt D'or

Shot about the body after his car struck another car on the said street

August 3

185. Kareem Lewis, 21, of Harrinanan Avenue, Malabar

Shot several times by a group of men in a car in Malabar

184. David Taylor, 45, a security guard of Pleasantville

Shot while guarding a Kiss bread delivery truck

183. Punjari Kamal Harripersad, a pundit of St John's Trace, Orangefield Road, Caripichaima

Chopped to death at his home

July 31

182. Lester Mootinan, 24, of L'anse Mitan, Carenage

Stabbed while liming at a club on Independence Square

181. Kelvin Samuel, 20, a labourer, of Laventille

Shot dead while liming at a spring on Belgrave Street, East Dry River

July 30

180. Darryl Kissoon, alias "Alvie", 25, of John Dulam Street, Aranjuez

He was shot on July 8, at Sooknanan Trace and later succumbed to injuries

July 28

179. Michael Homer, of Five Rivers, Arouca

Shot about the body while walking on the street near his home.

178. Leroy Greenridge, 46, a taxi-driver of Mt D'or, Champs Fleurs

Ambushed by two men while at his home and shot dead

July 27

177. James Francette, alias "KC", 37, of Pinto Road, Arima

Was in a car with a female friend at Pinto Road, Arima, when three men approached and opened fire.

July 25

176. Joseph Ameerali, 57, of Cumuto

Beaten on the head with a piece of wood during an altercation on July 24. Subsequently died at hospital

July 23

175. Rampatte Maharaj, 47, of Jackson Street, Curepe

Found dead by her son with her head bashed in, at her home

June 20

174. Alonzo Folks, 24, a US deportee

Was liming at Raphael Trace, Diego Martin, when he was approached by a lone gunman who shot him 15 times about the body

173. Shecko Gocking, 32, of Edward Street, Diego Martin

Was sitting under a mango tree next to his home when a gunman ran up to him and fired several shots

July 19

172. David Wilson, 18, a taxi-driver of Carlton Circular Drive, Cocoyea

His body was found on David Toby Street, Caroni, with the face eaten away.

171. Damien Ivan Brooms, 27, of Factory Road, Diego Martin

Found shot dead at Mahogany Trace, Patna Village, Diego Martin

July 18

170. Nicholas Fraser, 47, of Los Charos

Found bound, gagged and burnt to death in a house in Los Iros

July 16

169. Brian Richardson, 40, of Duncan Street

Was shot by a group of men while helping a female friend move items from her Beverly Hills, Laventille, home

List compiled by Denyse Renne

Murder #42 - #168

Source: Trinidad Express

168. Benedict "Benny" Villafana, 50, a fisherman of Cocorite

Was shot while walking along Waterhole to purchase a phone card

167. Lester Toussaint, 28, a drug pusher, of Upper Covigne Road, Diego Martin

Shot dead while liming near a river in Diego Martin

July 15

166. Larry Smith, a homeless man who lived at the Tunapuna Cemetery

Was chopped about the body which was found at the Tunapuna Cemetery

July 11

165. Nigel Scipio, 25, a labourer, of Sixth Company Road, Hindustan,New Grant

Stabbed 17 times by two men while walking home

164. Anton Richardson, 25, of Building 4, Trou Macaque Road, Pashley Street

Shot while liming with friends a few feet from his home.

July 8

163. Jodie Domanic Williams, 23, a welder, of Espinet Street, Laventille

Shot twice in the head, just off Melrose Shop on Pashley Street, Laventille

162. Shaheed Mohannes Sookoo, 27, a gardener of Sooknanan Trace, East Aranjuez

Shot dead by gunmen who stormed his home.

July 7

159-161. Daniel Williams, 18, Kaedon Caesar, 18, both of Providence Drive, Arima, and Lincon Joseph, 44, of Phase Four, La Horquetta.

The men were off-loading engines at Phase Seven when gunmen called out to Caesar and started shooting at him

158. Kareem Burgess, 17, of Gonzales, Belmont

Was at home sleeping when someone called out to him. He was shot in the head.

July 5

157. Nyron Cape, 24, of Roseland Trace, Carnbee, Tobago

His body was found at the side of the road in Wallerfield with several gunshot wounds

156. Joseph Lendore, 52, of Guaico, Sangre Grande

Shot dead while tending to his garden

July 4

155. Nigel Sorzano, 16, of Charles Avenue, Pinto Road, Arima

Was with a female friend when they were approached by a man who shot him twice

154. Sharnell Sammuel, 18, a waitress, of Sangre Grande

Found in a Couva canfield with her head bashed in.

July 3

153. Andre Lovell, 28, of Moore Trace, Pasea

Shot in the chest while liming in a bar during an attempted robbery

July 01

152. Jason Gonzales, 23, of Mathura Street, St James

Was standing in his yard with friends when two men approached them and opened fire.

151. Brian Hinkson, 28, a labourer, of Barataria

Was at Building 3, Trou Macaque Road, Laventille, when he was shot about the body by a lone gunman.

June 30

150. Anthony Moseley, alias "Boyin", 30, of Rose Hill, East Dry River

Was liming near his home when he was shot.

June 29

149. Anton Karim, 23, of Petit Bourg

Shot dead while liming on Irving Street, Petit Bourg

June 28

148. Maurice Beharry, 33, of Bamboo #3, Valsayn

Chopped on June 17, while liming with his brother. Succumbed to injuries.

June 25

146 and 147. Clifton Wellington and Kevin Timothy

Were seated in a car near St Augustine Girls High School when they were shot dead

145. Jagin-Dra-Nanand Jagmohan, 52, a contractor of Clarke Road, Penal

Found strangled and his body found in a drain

143 and 144. Andrew Callendar and Andell Alberty

Shot dead while liming at Trou Macaque, Laventille

June 24

142. Lester Wilson, 27, of McBean Road,Couva

Shot in Abbe Pouja Street, Carenage

141. Trevlin Commissiong, 25, of La Horquetta

Was shot dead while sitting in a van near the Seawall in Mayaro.

June 21

140. Nigel Thomas, 24, of Bertie Road, Five Rivers, Arouca

Body found at Rainbow Crescent, Bon Air West, Arouca, with gunshot wounds

139. Marvin Borris, 20, alias "Monkey", of Petit Curacaye, Santa Cruz Road, San Juan

Found dead at the side of the road with several wounds to the head.

June 20

138. Fazard Ramcharitar, 20, a labourer, of Convent Street, Arouca

Stabbed to death by a resident.

June 19

137. Wilson Homer, 31, alias "Fred", a painter of Febeau Village, San Juan

Gunned down while liming on Picton Road, Laventille

June 18

136. Allan Toney, 31, of Straker Village, Laventille

Shot while seated in a car near his home

June 17

135. Jacquline Joseph Adams, 38, of Puerto Grande Beach Road, Erin

Her remains were found at Petrotrin Field Road, Erin. She had been missing since March 30, after going to Bible classes. Autopsy inconclusive

134. Anthony Antoine, 28, of Upper Francois Street, Carenage

Shot dead while liming on his street.

133. Ricardo Carimbocas, of Blanchisseuse

Liming at a party when he was shot dead

June 16

132. Kerry Quintero, 28, of Blanchisseuse

Shot while liming with a friend outside of a party

131. Marcus Antoine, 24, of Sizzla Road, Santa Cruz

Was liming by a shed with friends when a lone gunman approached them and opened fire.

June 15

130. Kester Barthlomew, 18, of McShine Lands, Laventille

Shot a few metres from his home

129. Jason James, 24, of Southern Main Road, Edingburgh

Shot to death following a dispute at a bar

128. Kelvin Mendez, 19, of Mt D'or Road, Champs Fleurs

Shot and chopped to death while liming on his street

June 13

127. Eric Cybil Steveson, alias "Sphinx", 25, of Jerningham Street, Petit

Shot dead with a bullet to the head while at home

June 10

126. Ricardo Ali, alias "Bobby", 20, of Diego Martin

Shot dead in Savannah Terrace #2, Patna Village, Diego Martin, in an exchange of gunfire with a rival gang.

June 08

125. Damian Charles, 32, of La Horquetta

Was liming on Queen Street, Arima, when he was approached by another man who shot him over a land dispute.

June 04

124. Martin Ince, 71, of Jackson Street, Curepe

Was beaten at his home on May 28 and subsequently died at hospital.

123. Italo James, 25, of Simon Trace, St Mary's Village, Moruga

Was shot in the head and shoulder on May 27, while standing at the back of his home. He remained warded at the San Fernando General Hospital's ICU.

June 02

121 and 122. Patrick Terry Anthony and Trevor Francois, 34, of San Juan and Laventille

Shot in the head while driving along Mango Alley in Morvant

May 30

120. Derrick Venus, 37, of St Augustine

Shot on May 29 while liming with friends on Noel Trace Ext 2, St Augustine

May 29

119. Shakir Hinds, 28, of Cosmo Street, Morvant

Shot several times about the body while liming in Coconut Drive, Morvant

118. Andrew Decan, 32, alias "Fatboy" and "Dog", of Rose Drive, St Augustine

Shot over 15 times about the body while liming with friends on Noel Trace Ext 2,St Aug

May 27

117. Asquith Clarke,72, of Cornor of Pasea and Railway,Tunapuna, a Justice of the Peace

Shot three times by men while sitting in the verandha of his home.

116. Rudolph Sorzano, 49, of Blackford Street, Santa Cruz

Was shot on May 21 while at his home. Two men came in looking for his son and shot him. He later succumbed to injuries at the hospital

May 26

115. Damien Manmohan, 24, of St Augustine, a Regional Authority employee

Was leaving a bar in St Augustine when he was approached by a lone gunman who shot him.

May 25

114. Brandon Duke, 33, of Bamboo Trace, Upper Fairley Street, Tunapuna

Shot dead while liming

May 24

113. Junior Briggs, 28, of Santa Cruz

Shot in the head

112. Russell John, a dentist of Woodbrook

Succumbed to injuries at hospital after being shot in the neck and chest by two bandits on May 21

May 22

111. Rasheed Goodridge, 21, of Point Fortin Main Road

Was shot and killed a short distance from his home.

May 21

110. Curtis Thomas, 42, of Phase 7, La Horquetta

Shot dead while plying his car

May 20

109. Michael King, 41, a businessman of Lime Grove Road, Trincity

Got out his car to open his gate when two gunmen approached him and opened fire.

May 18

108. Ajoma Mohammed,

Was liming with a friend at Celestine Trace, Maraval when they were approached by two gunmen who opened fire.

May 17

107. Nazin Hosein,

Was beaten by a group of men on Feb 14 while walking at Boissiere Village, Maraval.

Was taken to the PoS General Hospital where he died. An autopsy performed

revealed he died severe head and chest injuries.

May 14

106. Jerry Salvary, 29, of Bourg Mulatresse, Saddle Road, San Juan

Shot dead while liming at a friends home in Gran Curacaye, Santa Cruz

105. Brian Villafana, 25, of no fixed abode

Residents of Mahogany Trace, Bagatelle, Diego Martin, heard loud explosions and saw his bullet-riddled body.

May 13

104. Charlie des Vignes, of Tobago

Was walking along a dirt track in Never Dirty, Morvant, when two masked gunmen jumped out the bush and opened fire on him.

May 11

103. Gary Dickson, 34, self-employed, of Ramkissoon Trace, Old Santa Cruz Road, San Juan.

Was shot by two men who entered his back door.

May 10

102. Terry Layne, 31, of Temple Street, Arima

Was liming at a bar on his street when a car pulled alongside him and opened fire

101. Kevon "Croc" Hypolite, 22, of Jigga Hill, Santa Cruz

Was liming outside his home with a group of friends when they were shot at.

May 09

100. Sloane Isacc, 21, of Tunapuna

Was liming at Romeo Drive,Tunapuna, when he was shot by a lone gunman

May 08

99. Brent Jason Cook, 31, of Henry Road, Tunapuna

Shot several times about the body by a man riding a bike while liming in Tunapuna with friends.

98. A new born baby born found dead near a bridge at La Brea Village,Guayaguayare on May 07.

An autopsy performed revealed the baby died from blunt force trauma consistent with being thrown from a car.

97. Emmanuel "Barbie" Jagroop, 41, of Train Line, Bayshore, Marabella

Shot in the head and chest while at home looking at television.

96. Marlon Matthais, 31, of Nicholas Ville, San Juan

Shot five times while at a house in Benjamin Avenue, Never Dirty, Morvant

May 07

95. Anthony Barker,26, a PH driver, of Rosewood Avenue, Morvant

Shot behind the head, police believe it is gang related

May 06

94. Neville Vincent, 46, a taxi driver, of John Lendore Road, Lengua Village, Princes Town Was beaten to death and his body found in Coryal Road, Iere Village, Princess Town

He had a wound to the back of his head

93. Whitley Van Hanegin, 43, a businessman of Greaves Street, St Augustine

Shot during a carjacking attempt in St Augustine

May 05

92. Jerome Barton, 22, of Chaconia Avenue, Barataria

Shot on his jobsite by two gunmen

May 01

91. Blaine Arthur, 28, of Pitch Road, Morvant

Was shot while liming on Cipriani Street, Morvant.

April 29

89 and 90. Reynold Spence, 30, of Clover Crescent,La Horquetta and Atiba Griffith, 26,of Sixth Avenue, Malick,Barataria.

Shot several times while liming in Tenth Street,Barataria

April 28

88. Makesi Julien, 25, of St Andrews Avenue,Cocoyea Village

Shot dead by a lone gunman a few metres from his home while liming

April 27

87. Felicia Sankar, 43, a seamstress, of Gasparillo

Was chopped to death by her husband

April 26

86. Sherman Bailey, 33, a construction worker, of Cantaro Village, Santa Cruz

Was asleep at his brothers Chaguanas home when two armed men shot him

April 25

85. Angus Davis, 29, a URP foreman of Grand Lagoon, Mayaro

Was ambushed and shot nine times near his home

April 24

84. Dhanraj Bowlah, 32, a tailor of Ajodha Road, Cunupia

Went missing from his home and was found bound and gagged in the Arena River, San Rafael, Arima. Autopsy was inconclusive, however, a man confessed to his murder

April 23

82 and 83. Dexter Williams, 19, and Keston Andrews, 16, of Third Avenue, Barataria

Shot while liming outside their home

April 17

81. Brian Lutchman,41, of Upper Big Yard, Carenage

Beaten with baseball bat at Carenage near to fish market

April 16

80. Kendell Balcon, 34, alias "Marlon" of Jigga Hill, Santa Cruz

Shot nine times while driving through Tappin Street. Police suspect his death is drug related.

April 15

79. Dale Alexander, 31, of Thomas Lane, Tunapuna

Was beaten on the head with a baseball bat on April 10 and succumbed to injuries 5 days later.

April 11

78. Nicholas Ribero, 29, of Maracas, St Joseph

Was at Green Hill, O'Connor Street when he was shot.

April 10

77. Dennie Williams, 48, of Carlo Road, Point Fortin

Decomposing body found on bed, suffered skull and brain injuries

April 09

76)Phillip Nelson, 49,a retired SRP

Was robbed of his car and stabbed

during a robbery on March 28 at Central Market.

75. Nehru Neil Ramsingh, 50, a businessman of Calcutta No 3, Mc Bean,Couva

Was found with several stab wounds on the upper body at his home

74. Samuel Jordon, formally of St Mary's Home, Tacarigua

His head was bashed in and he was chopped on the neck. His body was found on Royal Road,Caura.

April 08

73. Nicholas Clement, 50, of River Road, Arima

Died after being stonned with bottles by a group of men at the Corner of King Street and Hollis Avenue.

72. Allister Jack, 27, alias "Stumpy" a taxi driver, of Poinsetta Drive,Morvant

Was found dead with two gunshot wounds in Never Dirty, Morvant

April 07

71. Ronnie Lopez,32, of Valerie Road, Boissiere

Was shot on March 15 while filling water from a tank in his yard and later succumbed to his injuries.

70. Neil Henry, 33, of Laventille Road

Found lying in the road in a pool of blood in Laventille with several gunshot wounds

April 06

69. Rasheed Hosein,49, of Guaymare Village

Was beaten on the head and his body dumped on the Uriah Butler Highway, in the vicinity of Nestle.

April 05

67 and 68. Kenwick Ryan Manswell, 23, of St Francois Valley Road,Belmont and Leron Andrews, 18, of La Pina Drive, Upper Erica Street.

The men were liming outside a house in the Belmont area when they were shot dead.

66. Jemerro Meetoo, 28, a cane cutter, of Rochard Douglas Road, Moruga

Beaten several times with a piece of wood

April 01

65. Dexter Taylor, 39, a DJ, of Cipriani Avenue, Second Caledonia,Morvant

Shot in the face a short distance from his home.

64. Rhodill Mitchell, 54, of SMR, McBean Village, Couva

Was beaten to death while looking at a woman who was changing her clothes at Carli Bay, Couva, beach.

March 31

63. Jason Robinson, 31, of Wells Trace, Siparia

Was struck by a car driven by his brother on March 23

62. Marley Mckenzie, 22, a mason of Phillis Trace, Enterprise

Was stabbed following an alteration over a woman along the Chaguanas Main Road.

March 29

61. Jason Wells alias "Monster", 24, of Eleventh Street, Barataria

Shot while chatting with a teenager at First Street, San Juan

March 28

60. Aleem Ali, 14, a student ,Cane Farm Road, Arouca

Was chopped and burnt and his body found in the Pine Forest

59. Randy Reid, 18, of Mon Repos, Morvant

Shot in the chest and stomach

March 23

58. Mervyn McCaulin, 29, alias "Fly" of New City Village,Valencia

Shot twice in the head

57. Darian Nicholas, 24, alias "Dogmilk" of Semp Drive, Arouca

Shot several times in the head and his body found in a track off Waterloo Road, Arouca.

March 21

56. Hamid Mohammed, 31, a cane cutter, of Rochard Road, Barrackpore

Died after ingesting a toxic substance.

March 21

55. Kevin Austin, 33, a preacher, of Moruga Road

Shot in front his Moruga church. Shooting linked to a land dispute

March 20

54. Avalyn Isaac Gonzales, 34,an MTS officer, of Valencia Road, Valencia

Shot dead by her husband. Her husband then killed himself

March 19

53. David Mark Williams, 26, alias "Tallman" of Kelvin Pope Ave, La Horquetta,

Was shot twice in the head while liming in Beetham Gardens.

52. Don Duncan, 38, an Estate Constable at HDC Couva office

Died at the SFGH after being shot twice in the head by a thief who stormed his workplace.

March 18

51. Randolph "Thousand" George, 35, of Wallen Vale, Sangre Grande

Shot in the head and about the body outside a supermarket in Sangre Grande over a gun.

March 18

50. Krishendeo Allpitchia, 38, aka "Donkey", a gardener, of Bamboo No 1, Valsayn

Was asleep in his living room when a mentally disturbed relative chopped him about the body and neck. He was decapitated.

March 15

49. Rodney Jackson, 24, a labourer of EMR, Wallerfield

Was at home with a female companion when a man shot him in the head

March 14

48. Faizul Khan, 38, a shopkeeper of Sea Lots

Shot by gunmen on Feb 18 but later succumbed to injuries while at the ICU at the PoSGH.

March 10

47. Ann Marie Judy Singh, 52, a taxi-driver of Cachipe Village, Moruga

Was shot dead by a lone bandit who attempted to rob her of her car

46. Sheldon Junior Ballah, 34, a labourer of no fixed abode

Was sleeping at his brothers Mulchan Trace, Fyzabad, home when three armed men stormed in and opened fire killing him instantly.

March 07

45. Samdaye Singh, 56, of Henry Street, Aranjuez

Chopped to death and her throat slashed in Centeniarn Street Ext.

44. Imo Pope, 27, a certified welder, of Rock River, Moruga

Shot three times while walking towards his home

March 03

43. Robert Greene, 55, of a pastor and also PH driver

Body bore a gunshot wound to the head and was discovered in an abandoned Caroni 1975 Ltd orange field at Todd's Road, Central Trinidad, also known as Coco Loco

42. Ronnie Ram, 17, a former YTC inmate, of Good Hope Trace, Sangre Grande

His body was found behind the Maraj Hill, Community Centre with two stab wounds to the back.

-Compiled by Denyse Renne

Murder #1 - #41

Source: Trinidad Express

Figures gathered by the Express newspaper show that this toll excludes inquests, manslaughters and unclassified killings, contrary to an argument being put forward by acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Gilbert Reyes earlier this week that the media had included these figures in the murder toll for 2007 and thus had reported inaccurate figures.

Today (04/Jan/2008), the Express concludes the listing of those people killed in 2007.

Feb 28

41. Moonsha Ghanny, 52, a driver, of Gasparillo.

Shot in Marabella after going to deposit money at a bank.

Feb 24

40. Kevin Delpeche, 20, a URP labourer, of Toussaint Lane, Tunapuna.

Was liming with friends at St Vincent Street, Tunapuna, when a lone gunman approached the group and opened fire.

Feb 18

39. Kevin Besson,15, of Pitch Road, Lady Young, Morvant.

Shot dead while gambling a few metres from his home. Was wanted in connection with various murders in the area.

Feb 16

38. Ashmin Sonny, 45, a businesswoman/vendor of Cunupia.

Found at a building in Curepe. Beaten to death with a length of iron.

Feb 14

37. Christopher King, 21, alias "Fishy" of Cipriani Avenue, Morvant.

Shot to death in Morvant. He was a suspect in several murder cases.

Feb 08

36. Anthony Baptiste, 22, alias "Crock", of Grand Curacaye, Santa Cruz

Was shot five times about the body by seven men who stormed his girlfriend's home.

Feb 06

35. Chaital Singh, 41, a businessman and State witness in a court case.

Shot by three men while at his Freeport business place.

Feb 04

34. Sean Spencer,36, of La Canoa, Santa Cruz.

Was walking through a track when he was shot dead by two armed men.

Feb 02

33. Nicholas Alexander, 19, a construction worker, of Upper Wharton Street,Laventille.

Shot 15 times while standing outside his home.

32. Loretta Hercules, 46, a CEPEP worker, of Moriah, Tobago.

Stabbed to death at her home. Her 14-year-old son discovered her body.

Feb 01

31. Anthony Raphael Silverton, 26, a fisherman of Tobago.

Left his Tobago home on 22 Jan to visit relatives and friends in Trinidad. His body was found floating two miles off Cedros and police suspected he may have drowned.

However, an autopsy revealed he was shot several times in the chest and back.

29 and 30. Keron Hazel, 23, a URP foreman, and Kevin "Jumbo" Mackena, 28, a wharf worker, of Desperlie Crescent, Laventille.

Shot to death while at their home by two armed gunmen.

Jan 31

28. Marvin Jupiter, of Eastern Main Road, Laventille.

Shot several times while liming near the Mahogany Basketball Court, Laventille.

Jan 30

26 and 27. Clyde and Denise Commissiong, 80 and 79, retired, of Riverside Avenue, Cascade.

Beaten to death by bandits during a botched robbery.

25. Clint Latchman, 31, of Upper L'anse Mitan, Carenage.

Shot to death while liming at a friend's house in the area.

24. Tariq Ali, 41,of Arima.

Was on his way home from a pan tent in Woodbrook on Jan 28, when he was accosted by a group of men who robbed and beat him.

He later succumbed to his injuries.

Jan 28

23. Akiel Weekes, 23, of Ovid Alley, Belmont.

Stabbed to death while attending a fete at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, following an argument with another man.

Jan 27

22. Neville Bernard, 23, of Hutton Street, St Joseph.

Shot six times while at the corner of EMR and Hutton Street by a lone gunman.

20 and 21. Serano Mason, 26, of St Nicholas Street and Darren Francis, Upper Abbe Poujade, Carenage.

Were walking along L'anse Mitan basketball court when a gunman approached them and opened fire.

Jan 25

19. Neil Solomon, 25, of Upper Pashley Street, Laventille

Shot and then set afire on Jan 01. Succumbed to injuries at the PoSGH on Jan 25.

18. Michelina Aurecchione, 56, an Italian citizen, of Tobago.

Was chopped to death by her 26-year-old lover, who then committed suicide.

Jan 23

17. Cpl Brian O'Shaunessy, 40, a career soldier, of Bassa Hill, La Brea.

Stabbed in the neck by a close relative.

Jan 22

13-16. Elizabeth Sutherland, 47, Ivan Sutherland, 48, Anika Sutherland, 23, of John Street Extension, Morvant, Kevin Serrette, 33, of Tapana Street, Morvant.

Shot once in the head by four masked men who broke into the Sutherlands' home.

Jan 21

12. Nkosi Jack, 36, a deportee, of La Horquetta Blvd, La Horquetta.

Shot seven times about the body while in a car with his girlfriend.

Jan 18

11. Stephen Walker, 47, of Second Drive, Mt D'or, Champ Fleurs.

His battered body found in El Dorado by residents of Balraj Street, Caura Village, behind the El Dorado Co-op Supermarket. An autopsy conducted on Jan 22 showed that he was beaten and strangled.

Jan 16

10. Ackoo John, 25, of Ackbarali Street Extension, Trainline, Malabar.

Shot in the head.

9. Akido Barbar, 23, of Mon Repos, Morvant.

Residents heard several loud explosions and saw Barbar's bleeding body lying in a drain.

Jan 14

8. Matthew Poon, a businessman, of George Street.

Shot dead while liming in Pump Trace, Laventille.

Jan 12

7. Junior Joseph, 28, a mason of Production Avenue, Sea Lots.

Shot dead by a lone gunman, a few metres from his home.

Jan 10

6. Unidentified body of a man of East Indian descent with stab wounds.

Found over a precipice along the North Coast Road, Maracas.

5. Jamal Edwards, 24, an auto technician, of Buller Street, Laventille.

Shot twice in the head while driving along Pelican Extension, Morvant.

Jan 04

4. Ameer Mohammed, 31, a security guard, of Current Settlement, Ste Madeleine.

Shot during an exchange of gunfire by bandits who tried to rob a cigarette truck.

3. Vonwyck Ferguson, 45, of New Lands, Point Fortin.

Had an altercation with a man over a dog at Cochrane Village, Guapo, and was chopped several times.

Died a few hours later at the San Fernando General Hospital.

2. Ophelia de Peiza, 23, of Romain Lands, Mon Repos, Morvant.

Shot dead on the steps of her home by gunmen who believed she was a police informant.

Jan 02

1. Neil Alexander, 47, of Mt D'or Road, Mt Hope.

Was shot dead by two men who came to rob him at his home.


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The Killings would never stop in Trinidad unless the laws are adjusted to have the criminals brought before and when convicted be sentenced within 3 (three) months with no chance for appeals. The sentenced must be hanged them within one week after being read. I am 100% sure that there would be a drastic reduction in the murders. We need to get the numbers down less than 50, it is a sad request because the number should be zero. But every year the murders are always more than 300.

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