Saturday, January 5, 2008

Martin Joseph: We're not failing

Now wait just one minute. Wasn't this the same guy who was admitting failure just about 2 days ago?

See article:
Martin Joseph - WE HAVE FAILED

Now for the 180 degrees turn. "We're not failing".

Source: Trinidad Express
Saturday, January 5th 2008

In an apparent response to widespread criticism of his statement that some of Government's crime-fighting initiatives had failed, National Security Minister Martin Joseph said last night in a statement that the Government was not failing in its efforts to fight crime.

The statement issued by the Ministry of National security was headlined "National Security Ministry Responds to Newspaper Headlines" and was in response to newspaper reports yesterday on Joseph's comments on Thursday that strategies meant to deal with gang related homicides did not work.

At a press conference on Thursday, Joseph outlined measures the government had put in place to deal specifically with gang-related violence and said:

"Clearly it did not work and as a result those measures are being reviewed. And I can assure you that come Monday Government would be in a position to indicate what new measures and what changes are going to be made (to the old measures), to ensure that we do not have a repeat of what occurred in 2007."

Following is the text of the statement issued last night:

"The Minister of National Security wishes to reiterate Government's commitment to the fight against crime. While it is true that the security forces did not make as much progress as was expected in 2007, government has not failed in its efforts to stamp out criminal behaviour.

"With the information available to law enforcement, it has become necessary to change strategies to ensure a reduction in crime and violence in the country.

"No plan how well placed is cast in stone and the law enforcement agencies, which have the responsibility for maintenance of law and order, have been reviewing the situation, and have identified new approaches, which are to be implemented.

"The Minister of National Security will on Monday, outline to the Parliament in detail, the measures that have been agreed upon."

Well all I have to say is that this is just like the PNM. Always making excuses for lack of action and total incompetence. What are we really paying this guy Martin Joseph for? I mean , is tax payers' money going towards paying this incompetent Minister/Senator's $40,000 PLUS salary! He should resign and if he doesn't want to resign, it is time the people find some lawful way of getting rid of him and the incompetent PNM.

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Y said...

That fool now realizes that the government failed in crime? Wasn't the kidnappings, robbing, and murders on a daily basis during the past 5 years evidence enough?