Saturday, January 19, 2008

Speaker blanks Ramesh on PM issue

I know I've said this before but you know when it's nice they say do it twice so I really want to know.
Why does Manning need so much security if crime is under control? Somebody tell mih why? WHY?

Why is it OK for Manning to use state funds to hire private security to protect himself but it's not OK for the UNC-A to use their own money to hire security to protect citizens who are at risk?
Another thing, does Manning not trust his own police force? Why does he have to hire private security when there are all these special branches of the police force? Apparently the TTPS is not good enough to safeguard Patrick Manning's life but they are just fine for protecting 1.3 million at risk citizens. See article below.

Source: Trinidad Guardian 190108

Lack of confidence

  • Maharaj says by hiring additional private security, the Prime Minister has demonstrated a lack of confidence in the Police Service.

By Shaliza Hassanali

Speaker Barendra Sinanan yesterday turned down Tabaquite MP Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj’s request to discuss the increase in Prime Minister Patrick Manning’s security detail while citizens remained unprotected. (Well that's what the PNM is paying him for. He is just another puppet in the PNM muppet show.)

Maharaj said while the PNM Government—“within the last 24 hours”—gave Manning additional security, which included contracted private security guards, citizens were losing their lives as they remained without police protection. (When will everybody realise that Patrick Manning doesn't care?)

Sinanan told the House of Representatives that he could not allow the Opposition Chief Whip’s motion because it did not qualify under the Standing Orders. (A matter of public importance such as this and you mean this man won't allow it. He always brings up some Standing Order at his convenience to knock down any motion by the opposition dealing with the very important issue of crime just so the PNM will not look bad.)

Maharaj raised the matter, stating that while the PM had received private security guards, in addition to regular police and defence personnel of the State to protect his life at his residence, office and public places, people throughout the nation were without police protection.

“The Government does not provide police presence in communities to prevent the people from being murdered and from having serious crimes committed against them daily,” Maharaj said. (Keep voting the PNM back in and see how much people will live to see the year 2020.)

He said the Constitution required that the Government provide the people with such security and treat them equally. (The only part of the constitution that the PNM cares about is that part about changing it to make Manning an executive president/ultimate dictator and making T&T into a dictatorship.)

“The Prime Minister has demonstrated a lack of confidence in the Police Service to adequately protect his life,” Maharaj said.

Sinanan said it was not a question of whether he would allow the motion.

“It’s whether he (Manning) would answer it. This motion does not qualify under the Standing Orders.”

Barry probably have his own private security too, so he really doesn't mind if Patrick decide to hire some private security for himself.

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