Friday, January 11, 2008

Ramesh plans private security for Macaulay

Source: Trinidad Guardian 110108

What Ramesh said

  • Police failing to protect people of Macaulay
  • Government not serious about fighting crime

PRIVATE security guards will from Monday provide armed security for residents of Macaulay, south Trinidad.

The residents had been for days complaining about an increase in criminal activity in their community.

It is an initiative of former attorney general Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj and Fifa vice president Jack Warner and the United National Congress to get the police and the Government, in particular, to address the escalating crime problem in Macaulay and other parts of T&T.

The Opposition Chief Whip and Tabaquite MP made the announcement on Wednesday as he addressed the media after a UNC executive meeting at Rienzi Complex, Couva.

Maharaj accused the police and the Government of failing to protect the people of Macaulay in light of a recent rise in crime in that area.

It was only recently that a 76-year-old woman, of the community, was repeatedly raped and killed. Residents said there was also an increase in robberies.

Maharaj said the armed security guards would work with watch groups in Macaulay and surrounding areas to provide security. He said these guards would track down and arrest criminals who would then be turned over to the police.

Maharaj said UNC planned to hold a meeting at the Macaulay Community Centre on Sunday at 4 pm to formally announce the move.

He said the party planned to launch a national fund to finance the project throughout T&T.

Maharaj said the UNC’s parliamentary caucus met earlier that evening and reviewed its strategy employed in Parliament on the crime problem.

He said the parliamentary caucus agreed that the Government had not responded to the needs of the people on what it intended to do to make people feel safe on a daily basis.

Maharaj said the Government was not serious about fighting crime.

He said the UNC would not let up on the issue of getting the Government to tackle crime. He said the Opposition planned to put crime on the front burner to ensure that the issue of crime was raised aggressively in the Lower House.

In a news release yesterday, Maharaj said: “Watch groups had been formed throughout the commonwealth in countries where the residents of communities believe that the communities are under attack by criminals.”

Maharaj’s release said: “Any person seen committing a criminal offence can be arrested by a citizen and taken to the police. This is known as a citizen’s arrest.”

Imagine that. Macaulay is in the PNM constituency of Point-a-Pierre, MP being Christine Kangaloo, and UNC-A MP for Tabaquite, Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj is the one who has to organise private security for that village. Now you see this is what happens when you vote PNM, they use you like a $10 whore (get your vote) and they throw you out the door when they finish get what they want. Take what allyuh getting now yes, because allyuh like it so. Keep voting PNM and see if you will even live to the year 2020.

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