Friday, January 11, 2008

Gunmen on robbery spree snatch pensioner

Source: Trinidad Guardian 110108

CENTRAL police are seeking the public’s assistance in helping to find a pensioner who was reportedly abducted when gunmen went on a rampage at an apartment complex at Orchard Gardens in Chaguanas.

A man reported to police that around 10 pm on Wednesday, he was standing at the front of his home when three masked men put a gun to his head and ordered him to take them inside his home.

The men reportedly ransacked the house and left with a laptop valued $8,000.

Police said before leaving, the gunmen reportedly terrorised several residents, robbing them of cash and valuables.

They then shoved an elderly man into a car and sped off.

Police officers who responded to the call, locked down the area for close to two hours as they conducted door-to-door searches for the elderly man. However, he was not found.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS. (AGS)

Notice that there were no gang related killings in the North Western Division (Morvant, Lavantille, Diego Martin, etc) in the last couple of days and now we hear residents in Central Trinidad being terrorised. Looks like those gang members decide to take a day off from killing each other and go back to the business of terrorising the residents of Central and robbing them of valuables so they could afford to buy Carnival costumes and also buy tickets to WASA Fete, Licensing Fete and all those other Fetes. Things like this won't be big on the agenda for the PNM because unlike those gang members who live in the East-West Corridor, most Central residents don't vote PNM. So if Central residents are killed it really no big loss. But when a gang member in Lavantille is killed, that is one less vote for the PNM, so it becomes a matter of urgency.

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