Thursday, January 17, 2008

Manning gets private guards

So let me get this straight. Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj of the UNC-A hires private security for residents of Macaulay who have been hit by an upsurge of crime in recent times and statements coming out of the PNM call it vigilantism. If that is vigilantism then why the hell did Patrick Manning, the "great" leader of the PNM, hire private security for himself? Is he promoting vigilantism in this country? Or is it OK for him to have private security but not OK for poor people to have security?

From his action in hiring private security, Manning has showed us two things.
  1. He has no faith in the protective services of Trinidad and Tobago, who are in charge of protecting the citizens of Trinidad and Tobago.
  2. He only cares about the safety of himself and his family and no one else.
When last was the Prime Minister, Patrick Manning, held up at gun-point? When last was their an attempted kidnapping on any one of his immediate family?
Another thing, why is it not called vigilantism when the rich people from places like West Moorings, Valsayn, Goodwood Park and Lange Park hire private security? Is it because they are rich that it's not vigilantism? So I guess this means that poor people shouldn't be given protection then, according to what's being spewed by the PNM.
I say it's high time we get rid of this nasty regime going by the name of the PNM. They don't care about poor people and they only business with filling their pockets.
When you read the article below you will also notice that sources could not even state whether there was a tendering process or not. More corruption again!

Source: T&T Newsday

By NALINEE SEELAL Thursday, January 17 2008

SEVENTY-FIVE specially trained, armed guards who were previously assigned to the Office of the Attorney General, Legal Affairs and the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), have been posted to provide security at the Prime Minister’s official residence, Diplomatic Centre, Whitehall and as personal security detail for Prime Minister Patrick Manning.

The security company which employs the guards is Executive Security Services Limited and the cost is borne by the Office of the Prime Minsiter.

The lowest ranking officer in this security company takes home a monthly salary of between $10,000 and $12,000, while the highest rank receives a salary of $25,000 monthly. (They shoulda hire me. Or wait, I forgot, I don't have a PNM party card and my hair is too straight.)

These highly paid officers, some of whom are retired policemen and former MTS guards, have virtually replaced Police Special Branch which previously carried out these duties. (Kickbacks to somebody friend or family who decided to open a security firm.)

The officers are under the direct control of former Special Branch Head, retired Assistant Commissioner of Police Mervyn Guiseppi, who previously headed a special security unit set up in 2002 to provide special security for the offices of the Attorney General, the Ministry of Legal Affairs and the DPP.

These guards are trained in policing, anti-terrorist activities and VIP security.

Sources told Newsday that shortly before Prime Minister Manning moved into the official residence at St Ann’s last December, the officers of the Executive Security Services Limited were told they were being reassigned, some to the Office of the Prime Minister, others to the official residence of the Prime Minister, another batch to the Diplomatic Centre and others to the personal security detail of the Prime Minister. By the time the Prime Minister moved into the official residence in late December, the officers were already on duty.

Newsday learned that a security firm from San Fernando East called Innovative Security Technologies Limited is now responsible for security at the office of the Attorney General, Legal Affairs and the Office of the DPP. (More kickbacks.)

Police sources said yesterday that the role of Special Branch in terms of providing security for the Prime Minister has been decreased and will decrease even further.

Disclosure of special private security around the Prime Minister, comes at a time when there has been criticism of the formation of crime watch community groups assisted by private armed guards. (Just what I was saying.)

Yesterday, Opposition Chief Whip Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj who has started using armed guards to patrol and fight crime in his Tabaquite constituency said: “The Prime Minister is concerned only about the personal security of himself and his family and is not concerned about the security of the people of Trinidad and Tobago to have police presence in their communities.

He said that the Government should let the people know about these new security measures. “The fact is that all previous Prime Ministers had the services of the police, army and Special Branch and all of these agencies and manpower were resourced by the State and the taxpayers and the people for greater accountability.”

Sources yesterday could not state whether a tendering process took place before Executive Security secured this contract and what is the value of this contract. (Like I was saying above, they can't even say if there was a tendering process or not. More PNM styled corruption!)

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