Wednesday, September 16, 2009

15 murdered in four days

SINCE Saturday some 15 people have been murdered in this country, according to statistics.

The murder toll for this year now stands at 380 with more than 100 days left until the end of the year. The murder rate for this same period last year was 379.

The year 2008 was the bloodiest year in this country's history with some 550 murders being recorded, according to statistics.

And adding to this bloody trend yesterday was the fatal shooting of four men in separate incidents.

In the first incident Clint John, 28, from Claxton Bay was fatally shot sometime around 8.30 p.m on Monday at 19th Street Beetham Gardens, police reports said.

And then some two hours later, Errol La Borde Junior, 23, was fatally shot in Petit Valley, according to police reports.

La Borde Junior, lived at Bakr Trace, Pioneer Drive, Petit Valley, his father Errol La Borde Senior said at the Forensic Science Centre, in Federation Park yesterday.

The senior La Borde could not say why anyone would want his son dead but revealed that his son was involved in an altercation on Sunday.

And just after midnight Lewis Phillip, 19, was found shot dead at Eden Trace in Laventille, police reports said.

Phillip, from Pashley Street, had a single gunshot wound to the back of his head, police said. The bullet exited under his left eye.

"Too much bloodshed in this country," Phillip's aunt, who requested anonymity, said at the Forensic Science Centre yesterday.

"It is high-class nonsense. The gangs taking over Laventille. If one group see you talking to another group they don't like they will kill you. It is frustrating, it is a whole nastiness, crime is not under control," she said.

And in the last of these four killings, Levi Mendoza, 17, was shot dead around 2.30 a.m. while sleeping in a camp at Bagatelle, police reports said.

It was the first time Mendoza slept away from his family's home, his sister La Toya said yesterday.

Mendoza decided to sleep out after a dispute over dirty dishes, relatives said.

So he opted to sleep at a camp in the area, relatives said. Mendoza died on the spot.

An unidentified man who was also at the camp at the time of the shooting was listed in critical condition at the hospital up to presstime, police said. A third occupant of the camp escaped on foot, police said.

Investigations are continuing.

Yup...we really reach...this is PNM country...Patrick....we steppin up with you!

Stepping up to the highest murder rate in the country's existence that is.

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