Thursday, July 2, 2009

49 held in pre-dawn Beetham raids

Early-morning raids in Beetham Gardens yesterday resulted in the arrest of 49 residents, several of whom are wanted for questioning in connection with various murders in Port of Spain and environs.

The raids, which began at 3 a.m., were headed by Acting Commissioner of Police, James Philbert, and field operations were coordinated by acting DCP Gilbert Reyes, ACP John Travajo and Insp Sahadeo Singh.

Over 300 police officers from various units, including the Inter Agency Task Force, Guard and Emergency Branch, Special Anti Crime Unit and Divisional Task Force, were involved in the exercise, which ended around 10 a.m. Three women, aged 17, 26 and 42, of Hell Yard, Beetham, were among those held and are expected to appear before a Port of Spain magistrate later this week, charged with possession of four kilogrammes of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. Over 500 grammes of cocaine was also found.

Raids were also conducted on 23rd, 24th and 25th Streets in Beetham, and six firearms, including four pistols, one shotgun, one revolver, along with five loaded magazines and 136 rounds of assorted ammunition, were seized.

In a media release, Philbert thanked persons who shared information with the police and pleaded with citizens to continue assisting the police.

Source: Trinidad Express

Saw some Beethamites on the TV today, complaining about how there is no justice for Beetham residents.
What about Vindra Naipaul? Where is the justice for her? What about Naail Ali? Where is the justice for him? Where is the justice for all the citizens who are robbed in traffic on the Beetham Highway? Why the residents don't complain then?

The residents were also complaining that the police used unnecessary force in their search and that their cellular phones stopped working. What else do you expect? The kind of attitude and behaviour that comes out the the Beetham is a far cry from civilised. Robbing people who are stuck in traffic. Is sorry I sorry for the ones who don't have A/C in their car, because once yuh in traffic in the Beetham, yuh have no choice but to roll up your windows, otherwise the chances of you getting robbed is very high. Then we have the issue of all the illegal firearms and ammunition that was found during the raid. You think the police should knock on the door an wait for them to hide everything?

And I must say kudos to the officers involved in this raid. You all did a fine job and handled the situation well. You did what you had to do to get the job done. Bravo!

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