Friday, June 19, 2009

Grieving mother: ‘Somebody kill my child’

Published: 20 Jun 2009

Yvonette Joseph, with daughter Shanaya, ten,
and son Aaron, 19, at their home in Cunupia,
yesterday. INSET: AMY JOSEPH..shot dead.

Distraught mother, Yvonette Joseph, remains adamant that her daughter Amy, was lured out of a relative’s house by a man whom Amy knew, shot in the head and dumped in a forested area in central Trinidad. Up to late yesterday afternoon a man, said to be son of a senior police officer, was assisting investigators.

I like how they use the term "assisting investigators" when they have a suspect in custody.

It has been reported that the firearm used in the killing was licenced (somebody introduce spell check to the editor please). In an interview at her home in Cunupia, Joseph vehemently denies a newspaper report (not The Guardian) that her 17-year-old daughter got into a heated argument with a man, took the man’s firearm and shot herself in the head in a fit of rage. The teenager had been staying with an aunt at Point Pleasant Park, Enterprise, over a three-week period.

So the firearm used in the killing was licensed eh? This one shouldn't be too hard to solve. Did they say the son of a senior police officer was helping in the investigation? Quite shocking!

Her body, which bore a single gunshot wound to the head and clad in pyjamas, was found in a forested area near Todd’s Road, Caparo, on Thursday afternoon. “It is nothing at all like a suicide. Somebody kill my child,” Joseph said. “My daughter was never a child like that. She was always happy and was setting up her own business. She already had most of her things for her salon.” She said her daughter who had a boyfriend, began talking to a male friend of the family about a month ago.

According to the teenager’s mother, the relationship was not romantic. “It was just casual. That man was not my daughter’s boyfriend, it was nothing like that,” Joseph insisted. She said her daughter was last seen alive by relatives on Wednesday night. Also dispelling reports that her daughter sneaked out of the house to meet someone, Joseph said, “My daughter was in her pyjamas. She would not go off with the person.

“She was probably dragged in the car and then killed.” Joseph said just before her daughter went missing she received a phone call. That call, police believe, lured Amy to her death. The call has since been traced to a man who was said to be known to the teen, investigators said. The teenager’s death has left her mother crying out for justice. “I want justice. Somebody must be responsible for my child death. “My child did not deserve to die like that,” Joseph said. An autopsy is expected to be performed on the teenager on Monday.

Source: Trinidad Guardian

Ok lets review,:

1. The girl was shot with a licensed firearm

2. The last call she received, which police believe caused her death, was traced.

I expect to hear this one being solved pretty soon.

Condolences to the family.

Shame on Martin Joseph and shame on Patrick Manning! They have the resources and look at the situation the country is in.

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