Friday, March 6, 2009

The Trini Outlaw V2/ Short recap incl.

Well it seems that we have to get this site back up and running again.

First of all let me say that with the recession, I have to spend a lot more time working to pay my bills. One job just isn't enough any more, unless you don't want to live comfortably.

For 2009, we have recorded over 100 murders before the end of February.
It seems that the "children in the container on the port in Port-of-Spain" hoax was just to get attention away from the massive corruption that took place with Calder Hart and UDECOTT.
T&T has fallen into a deficit for the present fiscal year as the budget was based on an oil price that is far greater than what it is currently trading for in the world market.
The PNM has won another general election much to the dismay of the majority of the people that came out to vote. The PNM won the election with a minority vote. Such is the great, archaic British Electoral System that our Banana Republic still uses.
Hundreds (maybe thousands by now) of workers are being retrenched/laid off/put on the bread line but the PNM claims that we have full employment in Trinidad and Tobago.

What can we do?
Not a damn thing...except mobilise and protest, as is our right under a democracy.
Let the voice of the people be heard!



Oh noo...What a shame!! You couldn't keep up with your racism hey.. Well I suppose that's good in a way, for the rest of us I mean. It helps the society to move forward. Without of course, having voices trying to hamper the effort of social cohesion. Backwater people like yourself, have no backbone or vision. All you do is complain, even whilst things are being done.. But you can't see that can you? As you are blinded by your hatred toward this country. I think maybe you should seek asylum in India, Canada... (y'all like to flock there, but the Canadians getting vex) or the U.S... your better off leaving, for the greater good of our nation.

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